DESTINO2Throughout the year, the Mayan villages honor their saints through traditional celebrations, the most important of which are the Fiesta de los Tres Reyes (the Three Wise Men Celebration), the Feria de la Primavera y de Las Tres Cruces (the Three Crosses and Spring Celebration). All kinds of activities take place, such as peregrinations, gremios (religious parades organized by work guilds), prayers, offerings, bullfighting and the planting of “Yax-che” or Tree of Life. Of course, native cuisine dishes like Relleno Negro (turkey in charred chili sauce) or the “Pi’ibil waaj” –a delicious tamale that is cooked underground– are typical of these festivities. Our people, proud of their roots, offer every visitor a warm and unique experience: the heritage of the Mayan culture.