Tihosuco Church

tihosuco4In the tour around the town you can visit the church of colonial architecture, some of it destroyed during the war.

This settlement in the prehispanic era was for a while the capital of the province Cochuah, previously based in Tepich.

After the abandonment during the years of conquest, Spanish and Creole were the settlers at Tihosuco, in the second half of the sixteenth century.


Franciscan friars started the construction of the church during the first decades of the sixteenth century, being completed in 1839, consecrated to the Holy Baby Jesus.

This was partially destroyed during the social struggle.

Currently, there are religious celebrations in honor of the Three Kings in January, the dance of the shepherds in July, the feast in honor of St. Michael the Archangel in September and celebrities to the Holy Baby Jesus in December.

Parades are organized during traditional celebration with beautiful embroidered banners and thejarana  a traditional dance “Head of the Pig”.