Muyil, magical archeological site in the deep jungle of the Caribbean

MUYIL1Located in the Biosphere Reserve Sian Ka’an, between Tulúm and Felipe Carrillo Puerto, 23 and 72 km. respectively, Muyil is the place to go that has it all, archaeological vestiges, jungle tours, an observation tower, for nature lovers there is available tours for the two lagoons: Chunyaxche and Muyil as well as a relaxing stroll with life jackets over 800 meters of low channels.

It also offers trips to the beach and if you prefer in the evenings you can do activities like bird or crocodile watching, the tour will vary for the different tastes of the visitor with personalized service with trilingual guides.

It is a great area for ecotourism, has an archaeological site in the jungle, a nature trail to enjoy the flora, a boat ride on Chunyaxché Lagoon, where you will enjoy the beautiful view as well as a relaxing tour by the canals made by the Mayans centuries ago, that includes a house, an archaeological relic, the Lagartera and Punta Allen.

LOCATION: Located within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve 72 km. from Felipe Carrillo Puerto, road to Tulúm.

 The activities you will find in this place are:

  • Archeological Site
  • Interpretive Trails
  • Mayan water channels
  • Natural channels
  • Lagoons
  • Beaches
  • Campismo Camping
  • Boat rides
  • Bird and/or crocodile watching
  • Local guides (Mayan, Spanish and English spoken)