Tihosuco Church

tihosuco4In the tour around the town you can visit the church of colonial architecture, some of it destroyed during the war.

This settlement in the prehispanic era was for a while the capital of the province Cochuah, previously based in Tepich.

After the abandonment during the years of conquest, Spanish and Creole were the settlers at Tihosuco, in the second half of the sixteenth century. Continuar leyendo

Museum of the Caste War

tihosuco2The Museum of the Caste War is located in a restored eighteenth century building, exhibiting paintings, documents relating to the indigenous movement against the Spanish, sculptures, archaeological objects and tools that were used during the Caste War.

In this museum you will find, other than the paintings and documents, an exhibition of traditional medicine, indigenous music and dance, stories and legends. Continuar leyendo

Place Full of History and traditions

tihosuco1It is a place that holds the entire history of the Caste War, an event that was led by ancient Mayan habitants in 1847 to win their freedom from the Spanish, as well as abolishing the oppression of the government and wealthy landowners.

LOCATION: Located 78 km. from Felipe Carrillo Puerto taking 293 Highway. Continuar leyendo