Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Historic Center of Felipe Carrillo Puerto


fc1What we know today as La Casa de la Cultura Maya was home of General Venancio Puc until 1862 and home to the second government of the former Santa Cruz Balam NojKaj Naj. This building was built in the year of 1854-1856, while the church was being built NojCah Balam Nah. The Maya rebels, having captured several teachers initially allocated the halls of this building to function as classrooms for the children of chiefs and generals Maya. That women and men punished Yucatan caught when they disobeyed the law of this holy town. Its construction was strategically located near the church Bala’an Naj, as the Mayans performed “Guards” of the Tres Cruces from 1854-1900 and 1918-1929. Continuar leyendo

Town of Warriors

carrilloymorelos1Due to it’s central location, between the Riviera Maya and the great Maya coastline, Felipe Carrillo Puerto is a strategic base to explore the city and the state. It has over 90% of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, with two of the 4 access to it, it put up three of the four existing Maya ceremonial centers retaining their culture and traditions, offering history, culture and all the services that you require for an unforgettable stay.

Felipe Carrillo Puerto is an important historical site, being founded October 15th, 1850 under the name of Kaj Noj Santa Cruz Balam K’anpokolche Naj ‘Kaj. It has important historical sites such as: The ancient Catholic Church Balam Nah, built by Maya rebels in the year 1854 in just nine months with 12 meters high, 12 meters wide and 30 meters long, with walls over one meter thick. Continuar leyendo